The purpose of the Methuen Youth Hockey Association is to promote the development of character and good sportsmanship in the youth of Methuen through hockey, to promote the game of hockey, and to hold and arrange hockey games.

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                   Mite 1:                                $1,300                           Mite Development:                                              $500

                   Squirt/Peewee/Bantam:      $1,700                           Dedicated Goalie (Squirt/Peewee/Bantam):        $500

                   Midgets:                              $650                             Dedicated Midget Goalie:                                    $250

                   Learn to Skate:                    $150                             Learn to Play:                                                       $150


In addition to the MYHA tuition, all registered skaters must also be registered with USA Hockey.  The cost to register for USA Hockey varies per age and is the responsibility of the family and must be completed prior to participating in the first practice or game sanctioned by MYHA.